We identify bold ideas and brilliant people who rage against the status quo.

We seekto nurturethe rebel

It’s not hard to improve upon another’s idea, but it takes a truly innovative mind to create something entirely new and groundbreaking. We support early and growth-stage entrepreneurs in their quest to solve complex and deeply impactful problems that result in lasting change.

As a young company, you need much more than funding. We provide the mentorship and expertise to drive your idea forward.

The wisdomof experience

Our venture firm might be new, but our founders are Silicon Valley veterans. We bring to the table decades of experience as entrepreneurs, operators and investors, and a deep industry network that we tap to help accelerate new companies on the path to success.

Stretchingthe imagination

We find and fund category-defining ideas—the outliers most VCs would deem too risky. If you’re building something that’s never been seen before, we want to hear from you.